Firefighter Injured, Dog Saved in South L.A. Duplex Fire

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
LAFD Battles Fire in South L.A. Residential Duplex
Los Angeles Firefighters complete extinguishment of a greater alarm fire in the 10900 block of South Main Street on February 28, 2017.
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One Los Angeles Firefighter was injured and a pet canine assisted from harm, when fire erupted in a vacant two unit apartment building Tuesday morning.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was requested at 10:08 AM on February 28, 2017 to respond to a structure fire at 10919 South Main Street in South Los Angeles, where firefighters arrived quickly to find flames on the second floor of a vacant 3,002 square-foot two story residential duplex - the scene of at least two previous fires in the past five years.
Climbing a narrow and cluttered interior stairway to extend hoselines to the seat of the fire, firefighters encountered immense piles of debris on the upper floor, including bicycle parts and mattresses piled waist high. While traversing the dross to attack flames, one firefighter fell through one of several large holes in the floor that had been concealed by the piled rubbish. 
Breaking his fall with outstretched arms, the firefighter was able to suspend himself briefly, before dropping to the first floor below, which was not involved with fire. Having sustained only a knee injury and in fair condition, he was swiftly assisted by his colleagues at the scene before being taken by LAFD ambulance to an area hospital, where he was treated and released to remain off-duty. 
As the firefight continued - albeit with enhanced caution due to fallen electrical wires outside and decrepit conditions within, LAFD personnel discovered an uninjured puppy in the yard of the burning building. Bringing the dog to safety, they placed it in the care of a neighbor until the owner could be contacted. 
In a relentless and well-coordinated offense against the flames, eighty-five firefighters under the command of Battalion Chief Ernest Bobadilla confined the fire to the second floor, extinguishing the blaze in just 30 minutes. No other injuries were reported.
Fire loss to building is still being tabulated, while the cause of the greater alarm fire remains under active investigation. 
Dispatched Units: E264 T64 RA264 E65 RA865 E215 T15 E57 BC11 RA57 RA65 EM13 E210 T10 E21 E79 T9 CM22 EM4 BC18 T5 E205 UR5 RA5 E3 HR56 UR88  BC4 E5 AR1 RM4
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