Firefighters Prevail Over Stubborn Mandeville Fire

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Fire engines defending home against approaching brush fire
Fire crews prepared to defend home against encroaching flames
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Photo Credits: Creative Commons Licensed For Your Use: LAFD Photo | Eric French
Nearly 60 hours of non-stop work by a total of over 300 firefighters prevailed against a stubborn fire in the Mandeville Canyon.
At 12:46PM on Sunday, May 28, 2017 the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a reported brush fire at 2969 N Mandeville Canyon Road in Brentwood.  Upon arrival, firefighters found 3-4 acres of fire in medium to heavy brush, burning uphill.   The fire created a large loom-up, visible across much of the city.  
The steep terrain and vegetation presented challenges for the ground crews in establishing hose lines to attack the fire.  While firefighters were hard at work, water-dropping helicopters from both the LAFD and Los Angeles County Fire Department began conducting targeted drops to slow the forward progress of the fire. 
As the fire grew to over 10 acres, Assistant Chief Patrick Butler requested additional resources, raising this to a Major Emergency Response.  Five camp crews from Los Angeles County Fire and a strike team from LA area agencies (Santa Monica Fire, Beverly Hills Fire, Culver City Fire and Mountains Recreation and Convervation Authority) joined in the fight.  The fire burned within less than 200’ of homes near the point of origin but the quick work of firefighters combined with the good brush clearance established by the residents prevented any damage to the structures. 
Our partners, the Los Angeles Police Department ensured the safety of residents and protected our ability to maneuver fire apparatus as needed by maintaining the closure of Mandeville Canyon Road at Sunset for much of the day.  Understanding the great imposition placed on those living in the canyon, the LAFD worked closely with the LAPD and by 10:00PM, was able to re-open the road to residents so they could return to their homes.
Firefighters worked quickly to quell the immediate danger from active flames and by day two, achieved 95% containment.  The final 5% would take another full 24hrs due to safety concerns.  Traversing the steep terrains and applying water to churn up the dirt and ensure no hot embers resulted in dangerous footing.  Some areas experiences falling rocks and 'shale slides', which put firefighters at risk.  Consequently, water dropping helicopters continued to play an important role.  They hit the areas too steep for firefighters to reach by ground while the crews focused on getting hose in place to fully encircle the burn.
Although the fire was fully contained by Tuesday evening, the laborious task of picking up over 10,000 feet of hose line layed out across the canyon remains to be tackled by fresh crews reporting on Wednesday morning, 31 May.

The cause of the fire was determined to be accidental, related to the use of equipment while performing proper brush clearance.  This serves as a good reminder of the importance of brush clearance but the need to conduct it with three important tips in mind:

1)      Avoid conducting brush clearance during peak hot times (this occurred just before 1PM)

2)      When using lawn care equipment in brush areas, avoid use of metal blades which can cause sparks

3)      Always have a fire extinguisher or water source readily available so if a spark does ignite a fire, you can put it out while it’s small and prevent spread

For additional guidance and resources, please visit LAFD Brush Clearance.

Lower photo credit: Photo Credits:  Creative Commons Licensed For Your Use: LAFD Photo | Erik Scott

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