Firefighters Save Apartment Building in Toluca Lake

Friday, June 26, 2015

134 Los Angeles Firefighters worked tirelessly for over an hour to extinguish two large structure fires involving adjacent apartment buildings.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was notified at 12:18 PM on June, 19, 2015 of a fire at 4600 N Riverton Ave in Toluca Lake. Firefighters arrived to find a two story apartment building, initially believed to be under construction, fully involved with fire.  The fire had already spread into two units of a three story (occupied) apartment building on the west side. The incident was quickly upgraded to a Major Emergency and two simultaneous operations began.  Firefighters used heavy streams in a defensive operation against the initial structure while an aggressive, offensive attack worked to save the threatened building while ensuring all occupants safely evacuated.

Fire engine driving up street towards fire, large smoke plume visible                                                                                               Firefighter on top of engine operating the wagon battery.  Large palm tree ablaze in front of structure     


Despite the fire extending into the common attic, a fierce fight to save the three story apartment building was successful. The paramedics on scene treated three patients for minor injuries, included one firefighter.  All were either released or transported in good condition. Sadly, one domestic pet perished in the fire.  The investigation determined the building of origin had been standing partially constructed for an undetermined period of time.  It was in the second day of being demolished when a cutting tool sparked, accidently setting the fire.  $ Loss TBD.


Collapsed buiding still on fire, large hand line being deployed in street for defensive operations




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