Greater Alarm Commercial Fire in Eagle Rock

Sunday, January 7, 2018
Image shows fire engine in front of building on fire with heavy smoke showing
Vacant commercial building with heavy fire on LAFD arrival
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Creative Commons Licensed For Your Use: LAFD Photo | Tim Ernst
Eagle Rock

Firefighters prevent blaze from extending into an attached building at a large commercial fire in Eagle Rock.

At 3:39PM on January 7, 2018 the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire at 4537 N Eagle Rock Blvd to find a 75' x 250' vacant commercial building with heavy smoke showing. The property, surrounded by security fencing, required forcible entry to gain full access to the structure.  

While truck companies made their way to the roof, interior fire attack encountered heavy smoke and heat upon entry.  Minutes later, a partial roof collpase required the transition to a defensive operation.  All crews exited safely and 2 1/2 handlines were put into place at exterior doors.  The firefighters were able to gain an upperhand on the bulk of the fire and when all safety factors were considered, offensive operations resumed to reach the stubborn pockets of fire.

The structure, built in 1968, had a large, attached building (also vacant) which was defended from any fire damage.  98 firefighters, under the expert command of Assistant Chief Tim Ernst, fully extinguished the fire in just over one hour.  Out of abundance of caution, residents from an exposed, large apartment building were evacuated but all were re-housed once knockdown was achieved with no remaining hazards.

LAFD Arson and Counter-Terrorism Unit is actively investigating the cause while dollar loss is being tabulated.


Dispatched units: AR1  BC2  CM22  E12  E201  E203  E211  E212  E220  E250  E3  E4  E42  E44  E55  E56  EA1  EM1  HU59  RA12  RA55  RA56  RA803  RA850  SU2  T1  T11  T12  T20  T3  T50  UR3  UR88  

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