Hollywood Hills Brush Fire Consumes 80 Acres

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Hundreds of firefighters from several agencies responded by ground and air over several days to battle a wildfire that began Saturday afternoon in the Hollywood Hills. 

The Los Angeles Fire Department was notified by the first of several 9-1-1 calls at 1:52 PM on November 9, 2019 to respond to a brush fire in the vicinity of Barham Boulevard and Coyote Canyon Drive. Firefighters arrived quickly to find three acres of brush burning in remote terrain

Under the command of LAFD Assistant Chief John Drake, a well-coordinate ground and air assault slowed the forward progress of the fire in a matter of hours, preventing the need for formal evacuation of nearby homes, or the highly populated Universal Studios theme park less than a mile away.

Fire crews remained for days after improving containment lines and mopping up hot spots and smoldering debris. Thankfully no structures were threatened by the flames, and no injuries were reported.

The cause of the major emergency blaze, known as the Barham Fire, remains under active investigation.

Dispatched LAFD Units: E76  RA76  E86  E60  T60  E260  E278  T78  E211  T11  E82  E90  H0A  H0E  EM11  BC5  BC14  H1  H4  HA1  HA4  HA5  H5  E52  CM42  E73  E27  E41  E97  E35  BC1  BC11  T90  E290  E75  E33  E56  E102  E108  HA2  H2  PI3  H735  AR2  CE59  CM51  E10  E64  E29  E12  E61  BC13  RA90  E8136  E8139  E8138  E8140  E8137  E209  E15  E63  E3  E39  E2  E68  E26  E21  E13  CE83  BC18  BC10  SU1  RA60  RA27  RA97  EM14  EM9  BC18  E8136  E8139  E8138  E8140  E8137  E48  E6  E17  E69  E66  E49  E95  T90  HA5  H5  E59  E55  E93  E67  E40  E26  E3  E38  BC5  BC18  E73  BC13  BC11  RA14  RA100  E1  RA6  E12  E105  CM42  E60  E76  HA1  H1  HA2  H2  E61  E69  E64  E36  E5  E48  E90  UA1  E2  HA5  H5  HA1  H1  CS208  E37  E20  E94  E209  E66  E71  E16  E44  E93  E79  E27  E29  E39  E75  E95  E8136  E3  E64  E105  RA100  E11  E2  E21  E5  E69  E20  E93  E85  E48  RA17  RA104  E8137  E8138  E8139  BC15  BC11  BC1  E8136  BC5  BC13  E12  E5  E14  E58  E34  E47  E38  E63  E15  

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