Hoverboard Safety

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Los Angeles Fire Department encountered the first known hoverboard fire in the City, fortunately no one was injured.

At 11:18AM, on December 30, 2015, a LAFD engine was flagged down by LAPD in the 900 block of S Vermont Av to a hoverboard, on the sidewalk, fully involved in flames.  Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire and ensured the rider was not injured.

With similar incidents occuring across the country, please be aware of some important safety information.  

Two specific hazards exist; fire and falls.  The fires gain extensive public attention but potentially traumatic injuries due to a fall are also of significant concern  The California State Fire Marshall this Information Bulletin, providing important safety tips (file here)

With no safety standard in place regarding hoverboards, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is taking the lead to investigate and provide answers to the public.  The CPSC Chairman, Elliot Kaye opened his December 16, 2015 statement with these words: "Consumers want and deserve answers about the safety of hoverboards.  I have directed agency staff to work non-stop to find the root cause of the fire hazard, how much of a risk it might present, and to provide consumers with answers as soon as possible"  

You can read his entire statement here: CPSC Hoverboard Statement.

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