Kitchen Fire Put Out by Sprinklers But Leaves Man in Critical Condition

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Although sprinklers prevented the fire from spreading and extinguished it prior to the arrival of Los Angeles Firefighters, one man was left in critical condition.

At 6:48 PM on 23 July, 2015, LAFD responded to a reported structure fire at 5000 E Echo St in Highland Park.

Firefighters arrived on scene to a three-story garden style apartment building with nothing showing.  Personnel made entry and on their investigation, found a fire out in the kitchen of an apartment on the 3rd floor.  The sprinklers were effective in stopping the spread and eventually extinguishing a fire in the kitchen.  However, firefighters found an adult male, 30-40yrs old, on the kitchen floor, unresponsive and in respiratory arrest.  Immediate medical care and rapid transport delivered the victim to the hospital in critical condition but still alive and fighting for his life.

 The LAFD Arson Section stated the cause was 'food on the stove'.  The unit was equipped with working smoke alarms.  It is not known why the victim was unable to safely exit the apartment prior to being overcome by smoke.  Dollar loss TBD.

Dispatched Units: T12 E212 E12 RA12 RA844 E55 E201 T1 EM1 BC2 RA12 BC2 AR1 

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