LAFD Battles Downtown Warehouse Inferno

Monday, September 9, 2019

Scores of Los Angeles Firefighters engaged in a fierce firefight early Monday morning, as flames swept through a business at the south end of the L.A. Arts District. 


The Los Angeles Fire Department was summoned at 12:10 AM on September 9, 2019 to 1915 East 7th Street in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, where firefighters arrived quickly to discover heavy fire through the roof of a 10,360 square-foot commercial warehouse.

186 firefighters under the command of Assistant Chief McKnight confined the flames to the single fire unit, protecting the neighboring businesses. Firefighters forced entry during an initial fire attack. As the fire quickly grew inside due to a heavy fire load, crews were ordered out of the building to continue the fight from the exterior. While firefighters continued to shower the building from the perimeter, the roof collapsed inward. Ultimately, the fire took 2 hours and 57 minutes to fully extinguish.

Three firefighters sustained injuries during the incident. All were transported to a local hospital, where they were later released and cleared to return to duty.  

Fire loss to Payman Fabric, Inc. is still being tabulated. The cause of the fire remains under active investigation. 

Dispatched Units:  E17  RA17  E9  T9  E209  RA209  E202  T2  BC1  BC11  E4  

CM22  E210  T10  EM1  BC13  E25  E203  T3  E211  T11  EM11  E3  UR3  HR3  

RA3  RA803  UR88  BC5  EA1  T15  E215  E21  T1  E201  E29  PI1  AR1  BC18  

BC2  E20  E266  T66  RA4  EM13  E1  E220  T20  CM21  E261  T61  E94  E33  

E221  T21  SQ21  RA9  RA25  RA14  E2  E14  E238  T38  E226  T26  RM1  RM4  

AR11  RA3  E10  RA1  E15  T12  E212  T29  E229  AR1  AR21  RA17  RA17  AR9  

RA17  E64  E94  T63  E263  T85  E285  E61

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