LAFD Captain Injured Battling Major Blaze in L.A.'s Fashion District

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
LAFD Firefighters at the scene of a just extinguished structure fire in the L.A. Fashion District
LAFD Firefighters at the scene of a just extinguished structure fire in the L.A. Fashion District
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A Los Angeles Fire Captain sustained facial injury while battling a major pre-dawn blaze that destroyed a business in L.A.'s Fashion District Tuesday morning.
The Los Angeles Fire Department was summoned at 4:49 AM on February 27, 2018 to 771 East Pico Boulevard in the Fashion District of downtown Los Angeles, where firefighters arrived quickly to find fire through the roof of a 75' x 100' one-story commercial building that housed a retail apparel business.  
Intense fire fueled by dense interior storage soon led to structural compromise and roof collapse, as 117 LAFD firefighters, dodging downed and arcing high voltage electric lines, swiftly transitioned to defensive tactics to tackle the flames.
Despite zero-clearance construction to properties neighboring the mid-block business, fire crews skilfully confined fire damage to the business of fire origin, fully extinguishing the flames in just 47 minutes.
During emergency fireground operations, a veteran Fire Captain sustained a non life-threatening facial injury. Following on-site medical evaluation, he was transported in fair condition by ambulance to an area hospital for further care.
No other injuries were reported.
LAFD tractors, front loaders and other heavy equipment was later brought to assist in a day-long overhaul of tons of smoldering debris, and to support the needs of fire cause investigators in combing through the ruins. 
Fire loss to Priceless Apparel is still being tabulated. The cause of this major emergency fire, which heavily damaged the building and destroyed its contents, remains the focus of an active Fire Department investigation. 
Dispatched Units: E10 T10 E210 RA810 RA10 E9 T9 E209 SQ21 BC1 BC11 E14 E17 CM722 E211 T11 EM1 BC13 E3 UR3 HR3 RA803 T27 E227 UR88 BC5 T15 E215 T3 E203 CM22 RA809 EA1 E226 T26 E221 T21 AR1 E4 E11 RA9 RA209 EM11 EM13 PI2 CM21 PI1 AR12 AR11 PI2 BC729 PH1 RA209 AR9 TP2 LD1 LD2 DT2 AR19 AR10 
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