LAFD Extinguishes 8-Acre Brush Fire in Silver Lake That Shutt Down The 2 Freeway

Monday, June 20, 2016
Silver Lake - Three sheds were destroyed and two homes suffered fire damage on June 19th, 2016, as Los Angeles firefighters rushed to save a line of homes while flames spread through about eight acres of dried brush underneath and around a freeway interchange in the heart of Los Angeles.
At 1:04 PM the LAFD responded to a reported Structure Fire at the 2200 block of Allesandro Way in Silver Lake community, just South West of where the 2 freeway crosses the 5 freeway.
Firefighters quickly requested additional units and aggressively surrounded the area on the ground while helicopters began making repeated strategic water drops on the head of the fire.
Smoke was visible from as far away as Santa Monica, as firefighters were rushed to the area. The southern end of the Glendale (2) Freeway was closed, south of the Golden State (5) Freeway, near Silver Lake.
At least eight acres burned. Approximately 20 homes were threatened on Corralitas Dr, Lake View Ave, and Silver Ridge Ave. At least three out buildings (sheds) were destroyed, all on Lake View Ave. Two homes suffered damage from flames, both on Corralitas Dr. One home suffered exterior damage and the other home suffered attic damage. Nearly 200 LAFD firefighters were on-scene, plus LACoFD, Glendale FD, and Park Rangers assisted. The blaze was extinguished in 44 min.
FS 56; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 4
Dispatched Units: BC1 BC11 BC13 BC14 BC18 BC2 BC5 CM22 CM41 E13 E15 E201 E203 E209 E210 E211 E212 E220 E226 E227 E229 E235 E250 E26 E35 E4 E44 E52 E56 E6 E76 E82 E9 E90 EM11 H1 H4 H5 RA12 RA20 RA35 RA55 RA56 RA850 SU2 T1 T10 T11 T12 T20 T26 T27 T29 T3 T35 T50.
© Photos Juan Guerra.
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