LAFD Extinguishes Massive Sun Valley Auto Wrecking Yard Fire

Sunday, April 17, 2016
SUN VALLEY - Over 150 LAFD firefighters fought a "Major Emergency" fire at a Sun Valley auto salvage yard on April 17th, 2016. The fire ripped through approximately 1 1/2 acres, of the five block long yard, filled with rows of tightly packed vehicles. 
Large fire.Just before 4:00 PM, Los Angeles firefighters responded to 9128 Tujunga Avenue, where they found a large "Pick Your Part" lot with over 15 vehicles well involved in flames. The fire, fanned by 5- to 10-mph winds, rapidly spread through the recycling yard and sent a large plume of smoke that could be seen for miles. 
Waves of firefighters were systematically requested and strategically deployed to surround the inferno. Firefighters fought the fire in a “defensive mode,” pouring water on the blaze from the exterior of the auto yard. Firefighters worked closely with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to ensure sufficient water pressure was maintained.

Two firefighters in front of a wall of flames.

Over 150 firefighters, under the command of Assistant Chief Gregory Reynar, extinguished the flames in two hours and 16 minutes. However, firefighters remained on-scene through the night to ensure no significant flare-ups. Specialized LAFD Hazardous-Materials firefighters took samples of the water runoff and surrounding air to ensure the safety of all. Due to firefighters extensive efforts, no structures were threatened and no one was injured. 

Ladderpipe Operation.

The fire cause is under active investigation.
Dispatched Units: AR10 BC10 BC12 BC14 BC5 CM42 E100 E21 E226 E233 E24 E260 E266 E27 E274 E278 E289 E29 E298 E5 E60 E7 E77 E81 E86 E87 E89 E91 E93 E94 E98 EA1 EM11 FT100 H6 HR56 HU59 HU84 PH1 RA89 RT83 SQ21 T26 T33 T60 T66 T74 T78 T89 T98.
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