LAFD New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

Thursday, December 28, 2017
2018 Fireworks Display
2018 Fireworks Display
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Los Angeles

No matter what plans you have in store, here’s a few tips on how to stay safe on New Year’s Eve:

Safety in Numbers

No matter where you may be heading to celebrate, make plans to arrive and leave with a group. Share your plans for the night and communicate your whereabouts if those plans change.  A portable cell phone charger may also come in handy as the night goes on.  Also, always remain aware of your surroundings in case you get separated from your group so you can communicate your location.

Eat a Wholesome Dinner

Dinner is one of the best ways to prepare for a long New Year’s Eve night. A wholesome dinner can not only help you from getting sick if you choose to drink alcohol, but it will also help you avoid snacking on unhealthy alternatives.

If You’re Drinking Alcohol

Even if you and your friends don’t partake, you’ll likely encounter intoxicated revelers over the course of your night. If you choose to drink alcohol, keep in mind your limits.  Alternate alcohol with water or other non-alcoholic options, pace yourself and NEVER leave your beverage unattended.  When opening champagne, bottles should be chilled to 45 degrees Fahrenheit and corks removed slowly with a towel over the top of the bottle and pointed away from people or valuables.

Don’t Drink and Drive

It’s not just about taking care of yourself but also the people around you.  If you’re hosting, please remain aware of those in attendance and how they plan on getting home.  If you’re out on the town, plan to spend the night with a friend or at a hotel within walking distance.  If you must be on the road, have a designated driver and stay alert for others that may be intoxicated while driving.  And remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving so one drink is one drink too many.


All fireworks, even the so-called 'safe and sane' variety remain illegal in the City of Los Angeles.  Those who use, possess or transport any type of firework in Los Angeles may be subject to criminal prosecution or worse yet, painful and debilitating injury.  A public fireworks show is the safest and most enjoyable way to enjoy fireworks while ringing in the New Year.

Los Angeles Fire Department Firefighters wish you a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve and always remember that if you need us, we’re just a 9-1-1 phone call or text away.




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