LAFD Pre-deploys Additional Resources for Wildfire Danger

Thursday, April 16, 2015
Los Angeles

With continuing winds and low relative humidity, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) will pre-deploy additional resources on Thursday, April 16, 2015. These additional firefighters will be placed at select Neighborhood Fire Stations serving high hazard brush areas for an anticipated 24 hours, pending re-evaluated weather conditions.

Map of fire stations serving high hazard brush areas      These Fire Stations include (Subject to Change):

  • 28 (Porter Ranch) 
  • 71 (Bel Air, Beverly Glen, UCLA Campus)
  • 77 (Sun Valley, Shadow Hills, La Tuna Canyon)
  • 84 (Woodland Hills)
  • 91 (Sylmar, N/E City of San Fernando)
  • 97 (Laurel Canyon & Mulholland Drive)
  • 99 (Beverly Glen and Mulholland Drive)
  • 106 (West Hills, Chatsworth Lake, Canoga Park)

A total of 11 additional Fire Engines plus other select positions will be staffed. The specific stations and locations are based on fire experience, area access and fire potential.

Ready! Set! Go!Here's a brief explanation. Those three words can prepare you and your family for a Wildfire:

Get Ready: Help protect your property by creating defensible space around your home. That means removing brush and replacing shake-shingle roofs. Assemble emergency supplies and plan your escape routes.

Get Set: If a wildfire threatens your neighborhood, act immediately. Place valuables in your vehicle, roll up the windows and back your vehicle into the driveway. Remove flammable materials from around your house.

Go: You don't have to wait to be told to leave, but if told to do so, do it. Remember firefighters need room in which to work. By leaving, you give them the best chance to protect your property.


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