LAFD Pre-deploys Additional Resources for Wildfire Danger

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

As a result of the anticipated increased winds, rising temperatures, and lowering relative humidity, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) will pre-deploy additional resources beginning at 8:00 PM on Tuesday November 4, 2014. These additional firefighters will be placed at select Neighborhood Fire Stations serving high hazard brush areas for an anticipated 36 hours, pending re-evaluated weather conditions.

The specific stations and locations are based on fire experience, area access and fire potential. Additional staffing includes: 11 Engines, 5 Brush Patrols (4x4 trucks able to access remote areas, equipped with water and hose), one EIT (Firefighter Staff Assistant) for each Battalion and Division Chief, two Metro Fire Dispatchers, one Air Operations Officer and one Helicopter Pilot.

When fire weather conditions dictate, the City of Los Angeles may enact special parking restrictions in areas historically prone to wildfire. These are critical areas (very narrow roads, hairpin turns, and key intersections) where parked vehicles could delay citizens trying to evacuate and delay fire companies attempting to gain access during a fast moving Brush Fire. This local declaration of parking restrictions is separate from regional forecasts from our friends at the National Weather Service. To determine current Red Flag Alert Parking Restrictions in the City of Los Angeles, please call 3-1-1 or visit:

Some have asked, "What exactly is Ready! Set! Go!?" Here's a brief explanation. Those three words can prepare you and your family for a Wildfire: Get Ready: Help protect your property by creating defensible space around your home. That means removing brush and replacing shake-shingle roofs. Assemble emergency supplies and plan your escape routes. Get Set: If a wildfire threatens your neighborhood, act immediately. Place valuables in your vehicle, roll up the windows and back your vehicle into the driveway. Remove flammable materials from around your house. Go: You don't have to wait to be told to leave, but if told to do so, do it. Remember firefighters need room in which to work. By leaving, you give them the best chance to protect your property.

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