LAFD is Preparing for a Storm

Monday, December 1, 2014

As you know, winter storms are moving across the Southern California area starting late Monday night, bringing significant rainfall, gusty winds and thunderstorms to Los Angeles through Wednesday. 

Moderate to heavy rain is predicted to spread quickly into Los Angeles by early Tuesday morning. Rainfall amounts with this storm could be very impressive. There is potential for 1.0-2.0" for coastal and valley areas and 2.0-5.0" in the foothills and mountains.

As usual, an area of special concern with the storm will be the possibility of flash flooding with mud and debris flows around any recent burn areas.

Firefighters are preparing and so should you!

All LAFD Company Officers are ensuring that their assigned Swift-Water Rescue equipment is being carried on the apparatus as well as rain gear and High Visibility Vests for safety. Firefighters are also surveying their Water Rescue Sites and reviewing River Rescue Operations with their crews. We are monitoring our sand and sandbag inventories. Each neighborhood fire station is ensuring they have a minimum of 500 sandbags and will give up to 25 bags per residence.

The LAFD is even augmenting it's staffing for Tuesday, December 2, 2014 as follows:

Two Swift Water Teams will be deployed at their designated stations (SW44 in Cypress Park) and (SW88 in Sherman Oaks). Four Ready Reserve Engines (435 in East Hollywood, 469 in Pacific Palisades, 473 Reseda, and 474 Tujunga) will be staffed, and Battalion Chief Aids will be added in the following Battalions: 2, 9, 14, 15 and 17.

Your Los Angeles Firefighters ask, Are you prepared?

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