LAFD Promotional Badge Presentation

Thursday, July 20, 2017
LAFD Promotional Badge Presentation
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Harry Garvin
Los Angeles

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Fire Department's newest promoted members.

Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas held a promotional badge ceremony today at Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center recognizing these members for their hard work in achieving this promotional honor.  Family, friends, and fellow department members watched as the following sworn members were presented with the badge of their new position.  


Deputy Chief
Assistant Chief Kristin Crowley

Assistant Chief
Battalion Chief Antoine McKnight
Battalion Chief Surgey Tomlinson

Battalion Chief
Captain II Alfonso Ruiz
Captain II David Reddix

Captain II
Captain I Jon Patterson
Captain I Trevor Cooper
Captain I Victor Aguirre
Captain I Steven Marquez
Captain I John Cardenas
Captain I Josh Morehouse

Captain I
Firefighter III/Paramedic Carl Thurston
Fire Boat Mate Ryan Penrod
Firefighter III Daniel Sankey
Engineer Brian Wall
Engineer Eric Goodwin
Engineer Matthew Bart
Firefighter III/Paramedic Chad Richardson
Engineer Matthew Thompson
Engineer Kyle Rausch
Apparatus Operator Matthew Sanchez
Firefighter III/Paramedic/EIT Richard Thompson
Firefighter III/Paramedic Robert Goertzen
Apparatus Operator Donald Dillenberger
Engineer Rogelio Barajas
Firefighter III/Paramedic/EIT Cody Weireter
Firefighter III/EIT Roman Sanchez
Engineer Lee Westfall
Firefighter III/Paramedic James Duffy
Engineer Samuel Cunningham
Engineer Darin Laier
Apparatus Operator Matthew Laurin
Engineer Brad Ibanez

Apparatus Operator
Firefighter III Douglas Webb
Firefighter III Robert Stoffel
Engineer Alfred Balestra
Firefighter III Julian Nguyen
Firefighter III Stephen Mercier
Firefighter III John Arai
Firefighter III Jason Ortiz
Firefighter III/Paramedic Travis Humpherys
Firefighter III Kevin Elledge
Firefighter III/Paramedic Stanley Miner
Firefighter III Christopher Stalter

Helicopter Pilot III
Helicopter Pilot II Eric Rice
Helicopter Pilot II Johnny Romero

Helicopter Pilot I
Apparatus Operator Anthony Cecola
Firefighter III David Habib


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