LAFD Recognizes Selfless Volunteers

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

LOS ANGELES - Groups of volunteers were formally recognized on February 20, 2018, by the City of Los Angeles Fire Commission and Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas, for their critical help at recent historic wildfires in Los Angeles.

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Volunteer members posed on the steps of City Hall.

Members from LAFD Community Emergency Response Team, Rio Hondo Fire Academy, Notre Dame High School, and VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System have truly exemplified a giving spirit. We are particularly appreciative for the hard-work they demonstrated for several weeks during the “La Tuna”, “Creek” and “Skirball” fires.  They established base-camps, assisted with supplies, and provided countless logistical work that freed up our firefighters to continue battling on the front lines. They provided over 800 lunches in one hour during the La Tuna fire, assisted picking up 10's of thousands of feet of hose-line, fueled vehicles so firefighters could each lunch, and even patrolled base camps for spot fires, due to ember casts, and extinguished them. These noble volunteers are truly a part of the LAFD Team and we thank LAFD Captain Christopher Winn's continual oversight.

Their willingness to perform community service of their own free will, without receiving monetary compensation, is truly admirable. The LAFD Administration wants all volunteers to know that we are all moved by your excellent example of selflessness.

There are a number of specialized volunteer programs within the LAFD that you can become involved in. We invite you to learn more about some of these fun and specialized programs.


Carl Ginsberg

Gregg Aniolek

Rachel Black

Barry Watkins

Terrance Gomes

Renato Akerman

Steve Weinberger

Kobey Horn

Michael Godfrey

Lori Atwater

Rodolfo Rotondo

Tony Gomez-Hill

Erik Clarke

Aaron Yee

Phil Jamtaas

Linda Muhlmeyer

Orlando Bohr

May Braido

Renee Dutreaux

Gizelle James

Jacqueline Kozak

Lorraine Curry

Matt Towner

Douglas Choi

Christy Adair  

Martin Rumpf  

Israel Lopez  

Kevin Kong

Jackson Jang

Sam Ward

Ron Terrell

Steven Cammarata

Emanuele Rodrigues-Berardini

Bob Adjemian

Manny Hernandez

Patrick Botz-Forbes

James Anderson

Mathis Chazanov  

Alton Reed  

Bonnie Shatun

Ken Weston

Bill Hopkins

Barry Woods

Seraphine Segal

Paul  Beauregard

Jon Hum

Cindy Kurland

Mary Davidson  

Kolja Erman  

Sue Bullough

Chin Thammasaengsri

Pat Hall

Jeff Hole



Spenser Nail

Cameron Velasco

Robert Amaya

Isaiah Escoto

Quinn Dorman

Eric Agliozzo

Seth Jones

Michael Tettleton

Giovanni Mendez



Rose Profozich

Jessica Yang

Bellamy Suter


VETERAN AFFAIRS of Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

Michiko Riley, Public Affairs Specialist

Blake Anderson, Web Communications Specialist/Public Affairs

Nikki Baker, Associate Chief Public Affairs



Sofia Sanchez

Tarin Wilson

Francesca Mercier


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