LAFD Rescues Victims from Deadly Harbor Car Plunge

Friday, April 10, 2015

<p>Thursday, April 9, 2015: At approximately 6:10 p.m. the LAFD received reports of a civilian vehicle driven off the pier and into the LA Harbor at Berth 73 near Ports O’ Call.</p>

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<p>A Physical Rescue assignment was dispatched and first arriving units found two adults on the surface of the water with reports of two additional patients still trapped in the car, which was submerged in approximately 30’ of water. A firefighter from the first arriving unit, immediately jumped into the water to assist the two adults to a pier-side ladder and then attempted to dive to the vehicle in an effort to rescue the two occupants inside.</p>

<p>LAFD divers arrived on scene shortly thereafter and made an immediate rescue attempt. The two occupants, children ages 8 and 13, were pulled from the vehicle in grave condition. All four occupants were transported to local hospitals. The 13-year-old was later pronounced at the hospital.</p>

<p>The LAFD joined in unified command with LAPD, Port of LA and Port Police, for an extended recovery and incident investigation.</p>

<p><em>Dispatched Units:&nbsp;BT2 E112 RA112 E264 T64 BT5 E79 E85 RA85 HR56 EM11 BC11 T85 BT1 TO34 EM35 BC13 BT3 RA36 RA38 RA79 EM1 T5 E205 E5 UR5 UR88 BC4 BC6 UR85 H2 H5 DC22 CM21 RA246 E285 RT40 EM13 E49 CM31 RA101&nbsp;</em></p>

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