Major Emergency Fire Erupts in Northridge

Friday, July 13, 2018
Looking on from the command post, officers oversee multiple ladder truck aerials sending water onto the flames below.
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John Conkle

Despite flames quickly erupting inside a one-story commercial building, firefighters aggressively stopped the spread to an adjoining business and nearby condominium complex.<--break->

The Los Angeles Fire Department was notified at 9:51 PM on July 13, 2018 of a structure fire at the 19300 block of Londelius Street.  Flames were visible to companies as they arrived where a large pile of pallets were burning against a 300’ x 300’ commercial building.  As fire companies began extinguishing the flames while investigating the extension into the building, it was soon obvious that the fire had already spread.  Firefighters began an aggressive and coordinated attack on the blaze using truck companies for vertical ventilation and large hose streams on the interior. The building contains three separate businesses, including a furniture restoration company and printing business, which provided a heavy fuel load and flammable liquids to fuel the fire. 

Along with battling flames inside the commercial building, firefighters on-scene successfully protected several structures nearby including a three-story condominium complex with residents inside. Ultimately, the contents inside the large commercial building created a fast-moving fire igniting the entire center-located business causing a partial roof collapse and deadly conditions. Fortunately, the Incident Commander had provided for firefighter safety by transitioning to a defensive operation using heavy streams and the actions of the initial companies helped save two businesses inside the fire building. 

Over 100 firefighters extinguished the blaze in 1 hour and 40 minutes with no reported injuries. The cause is under active investigation by the Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section and the total dollar loss is still being tabulated.

Units Dispatched: E104  RA104  E103  E70  RA70  E273  T73  E296  T96  BC15  BC17  E107  E293  T93  CM42  EM15  

BC10  E73  E287  T87  E88  UR88  E8  E28  E72  E290  T90  E305  T105  AR2  T88  E288  RA73  RA107  EM17  CL1

T88  E288  BC12  BC14  E239  T39  E98  PI3  EA1  RT83  T11  E211  E95  T1  E201  E93  T105  E305  BC17  AR11

HE1  E107  AR25  E84  T93  E293  AR2  AR9  AR10  AR19  HU114  E104  E107  T73  E273  RA104  T96  E296  CM42  

EM15  BC15  UR88  E88  T27  E227  UR27  HR3  BC5


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