Multiple Businesses Saved in Downtown LA

Thursday, October 25, 2018
Smoke plume seen with fire apparatus in front of building
Smoke from Major Emergency structure fire was visible across Los Angeles
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Creative Commons licensed for your use | LAFD Photo by Branden Silverman

Tenacious firefighting saved multiple businesses from damage at a Major Emergency structure fire in Downtown Los Angeles.

At 5:35PM, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire at 1541 Newton Street in Downtown Los Angeles. With fire showing through the roof of a one story commercial building (doing business as I-Catcher Graphics), the responding companies immediately entered a defensive mode and requested additional resources.

Within minutes, the rear portion of the roof collapsed and an emergency traffic radio transmission warned of 'wires down', creating additional hazards to negotiate.  With adjoining businesses on three sides of the fire building, firefighters focused both on extinguishing the blaze and defending the exposed structures.  Crews deployed heavy streams through appliances (portable monitor and ladder pipes) and large diameter hand lines.  Firefighters on the ground applied copious amounts of water through the front while additional firefighters positioned on the roof tops of the uninvolved, exposed buildings targeted the hard to reach areas.  

Over 140 firefighters, under the leadership of Incident Commander Assistant Chief Carlos Calvillo, achieved 'knockdown' in one hour and 22 minutes with no injuries reported.

The well-orchestrated and doggedly fought battle successfully defended the fire from extending into any other buildings, saving an untold amount of money and property.

LAFD Arson and Counter-Terrorism Section (ACTS) is actively investigating the cause while the dollar loss is being tabulated.



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