One Townhouse Lost But Another Saved

Saturday, October 8, 2016
Exterior view of 2 story townhouse with fire showing
Heavy damage to townhouse but firefighters save adjacent unit
Photo Credits: 
David Gardner

Despite flames engulfing a garage and both floors of a two story townhouse, firefighter's aggressive actions prevented the fire from spreading to the adjacent unit.

At 11:49AM on Saturday, October 8, 2016, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire at 10141 N Samoa Av.  First arriving crews found a two story (over parking) townhouse with fire extending from the garage to the second floor.

While the fire attack crew started at the bottom, extinguishing the fire in the garage and making their way to the first floor, the truck companies initiated a coordinated roof ventilation operation.  The extreme heat encountered on the second floor quickly dissipated once the hole was opened, allowing final extinguishment.  Crews chased down the residual smoke and flames to ensure there was not a shared attic which could allow the fire to spread horizontally to the adjacent unit. 

Sixty-eight firefighters, under the command of Battalion Chief Albert Ward, called a knockdown 37 minutes after the intial call to 911.  Their hard work prevented the fire from causing any damage to the neighboring unit.  Paramedics assessed three occupants for minor burn injuries and transported the 53 year old male, 52 year old female and 19 year old male to a local hospital for further care.

A total of five adults were displaced due to the fire and the American Red Cross responded to provide relocation assistance.  LAFD Arson is investigating the cause and dollar loss is being tabulated.

Dispatched units: E274 T74 RA874 E24 E77 RA77 E298 E98 T98 BC12 E89 T89 E289 CM22 EM14 BC14 E7 E275 T75 EM15 BC15 HR56 T3 E203 E3 UR3 UR88 BC1 RA3 RA74 RA98 EM11 EM1 RA909 EA1 AR2 HU89 RT83 RA74



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