Presentations of Appreciation at Board of Fire Commissioners Meeting

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
At today’s Board of Fire Commissioners meeting, the Los Angeles Fire Department was honored to provide special recognition to some very deserving individuals:
Los Angeles Aqueduct Filtration Plant (video tour)
In order to promote to the rank of Engineer within the LAFD, firefighters must successfully complete the Engineer Practical Examination.  This exam necessitates the use of water as members demonstrate their ability to perform the tasks necessary in providing water through the fire engine to the hose lines and to the fire.  Recognizing the ongoing severe drought faced by all of Southern California, our department relied on our long partnership with our friends at the Los Angeles Aqueduct Filtration Plant.  For the second consecutive Engineer Practical Examination, Filtration Plant Manager, Vee Miller, and Filtration Plant Manager of Treatment Operations, Razmik Manoukian, conserved water by recirculating the water being used by the fire engines during this important exam and pumped it back into the ponds for future use.  There diligent efforts resulted in the conservation of over 5 million gallons of water.
Their professionalism, cooperation and mutual commitment to using innovative methods to be responsible guardians of our precious water resources stand as a testament to the care they take in serving the City of Los Angeles.  In recognition and sincere gratitude of their diligent efforts, the Los Angeles Fire Department presented both Vee Miller  and Razmik Manoukian with a Certificate of Appreciation .
Fire Engine 57
On the evening of February 2, 2017, Engine 57 responded to a structure fire in the 8900 block of Van Ness Av in South Los Angeles.  The crew arrived to find heavy black smoke billowing out of a home with bystanders shouting there was a man trapped inside.  Despite the brave efforts neighbors, the intense heat of the fire prevented anyone from making entry.
Having just been involved in the dramatic rescue of four children from a fire the week prior, the rescue operation of Engine 57s crew was finely tuned. Captain I Allen Skier, Firefighter/Paramedic Matthew Farris and Firefighter Gerardo Zelaya immediately deployed a 1 ½” handline and entered through the front door.  The heavy smoke, banked down to three feet off the floor, and intense heat forced them to the ground as they made their way forward on their stomachs.  Approximately 20’ from the door, the crew found the elderly man (retired LAPD officer) on the floor, unconscious and not breathing.  In a closely coordinated effort, the firefighters quickly secured the patient and got him out of the burning house.  The awaiting firefighter/paramedics immediately initiated advanced lifesaving care and transported the 94 year old man to the hospital in critical condition.  
The Department was honored to recognize these brave firefighters for their valiant efforts and provided Captain I Allen Skier, Firefighter/Paramedic Matthew Farris, Firefighter Gerardo Zelaya with Certificates of Appreciation.
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