Quick Actions at the Westlake Major Emergency Structure Fire Prevents Injuries

Thursday, April 27, 2017
It took more than 160 Los Angeles firefighters nearly ninety minutes during a period of high winds, to stop a massive blaze that destroyed a pair of large vacant buildings early Thursday morning in a neighborhood east of MacArthur Park. 
A witness who sprinted more than one-tenth of a mile to nearby Fire Station 11 on 7th Street first reported the fire to the Los Angeles Fire Department. Firefighters were dispatched at 2:11 AM on April 27, 2017. As crews from that and four other fire stations responded to 681 South Bonnie Brae Street, they saw a blaze that would soon become a major emergency response. 
The building of fire origin, a vacant 4 story apartment building was well involved with flames completely engulfing the 2nd floor.  Next door, a vacant and boarded Victorian Style 2 story residential duplex with a converted attic soon became fully involved due to the towering flames and high winds.  Additionally, a convalescent home was threatened when firefighters quickly evacuated and sheltered the occupants while stopping the building from being engulfed with fire.
One hundred sixty-one firefighters under the command of Assistant Chief Stephen Gutierrez extinguished the flames in just 86 minutes.  Though monetary loss from the fire is still being tabulated and the cause of the fire remains under active investigation, the quick actions of the Los Angeles firefighters prevented any injuries or loss of life.  
Dispatched Units: E11 T11 E211 RA11 E13 RA13 E220 T20 E209 SQ21 BC11 BC1 E3 T3 E203 CM22 E9 T9 E10 T10 E210 EM11 BC18 UR3 HR3 RA3 RA803 
UR88 BC5 E4 AR1 RM2 PH1 E29 T35 E235 RA20 RA820 E215 T15 RA809 RA9 RA900 RA209 E6 E233 T33 E221 T21 RA10 RA810 E15 E226 T26 EM1 EM13 EA1 
T89 E289 E26 RT83 AR10 AR11 AR21 FT17 DT2 HE1 TP1 LD1 E35 T61 E261 BC11
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