Runaway Truck Parks Itself in a Nearby Home

Saturday, August 31, 2019

MOUNT WASHINGTON - A concrete truck with no driver rolled into the garage of a home, damaging the structure, but leaving no one injured. 

LAFD received the call at 1:23 p.m. on Saturday August 31, 2019, and found a concrete truck that had come to rest inside of the garage in a nearby home after rolling down a hill. As the truck plowed through the garage,  structural damage was done to the garage, but the living quarters in the home were still safe to occupy. Thankfully, none of the three adults that live there were occupying the part of the structure that became the final resting place for the truck. The driver was not in the truck when it rolled down the hill. No one was injured in the course of the incident.

DWP was called to address the damage to power lines and mitigate any possible electrical hazard caused by the path the truck took. LAFD worked with a towing company to extricate the concrete truck from the front of the home. Watershed Management Devision was notified due to a small amount of fuel that leaked. There was 50 gallons of fuel on board, but the majority of it stayed in the tank. Firefighters diked the area to ensure any amount of fuel spilling would not turn into toxic runoff. Building and Safety yellow-tagged a portion of the home (garage and rooms above the garage), but the family was able to stay in the other areas of the structure that were left undamaged. 

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