Sister City Berlin Celebrated at Board of Fire Commissioners

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Tom LaBonge and Berlin Firefighters Honored at LAFD Board of Fire Commissioners
Berlin firefighters and former Councilmember Tom LaBonge honored at Board of Fire Commissioners
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Berlin firefighters and police officers were honored at todays meeting of the the Los Angeles Board of Fire Commissioners.

We are celebrating 50 years of friendship fostered between Los Angeles and Berlin thanks to the Sister City Partnership estalibshed in 1967.   Over the years, countless first responders have made the trip overseas to strengthen ties and share their personal lives and professional experience with our brothers and sisters in law enforcement and the fire service.  This camaraderie forges lasting bonds which serve not only to create memorable experiences but valuable opportunities to learn from one another.  

The Los Angeles Board of Fire Commissioners today honored 10 German firefighters and 4 German police officers who came to Los Angeles to run in the LA Marathon. We offer our congratulations on achieving the 26.2 mile feat!  These 14 German first responders were amongst a total of 42 sworn police officers and firefighters counted to be running in the LA Marathon.  Despite the great accomplishment of completing the marathan, the running for our German friends is not yet over.  An additional 32 Berlin police officers are coming to California to particpate in the annual Baker to Vegas Relay Run happening next weekend.  

The Board of Fire Commissioners recognized not only the Berlin first responders but also former City Councilmember Tom LaBonge and his aide Issac Burks, for their enduring committment to this program:

“In commemoration of this 50th anniversary of the Sister City Partnership between Los Angeles and Berlin, the Los Angeles Fire Department commends you for being a champion of this relationship for many years.
The Los Angeles Fire Department commends you for your extraordinary efforts to continue fostering a lasting friendship between our cities that began in 1967." Ralph Terrazas, Fire Chief


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