Wildfire Preparedness Week

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Fire engine with brush fire in background
Proper brush clearance gives firefighters the chance to defend your home
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Photo by Brandon Buckley

Do not be fooled by the much-needed rain this winter, we are still at risk for a destructive brush fire but YOU can make all the difference if you are Prepared for Wildfire.

The first week of May is "Wildfire Preparedness Week" in California and we ask you to take the time to evaluate your level of preparedness.

Have you conducted proper brush clearance on your property?

Does your family have a plan if you need to evacuate? 

Are you Ready, Set, Go?

If you answered "No" to any of those questions, do not panic.  We have the resources available to help you!

City of Los Angeles brush clearance requirements

Ready, Set, Go! program

Wildfire Preparedness Week concludes on May 11 but the preparedness never ends!  

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