1. How can an apartment manager or landlord obtain a copy of a tenant's ambulance transport records for their insurance company?

An apartment manager, landlord, or other third-party may request medical records and/or an itemized billing statement for a tenant, family member, friend, or client provided they obtain authorization from the patient.  Requestors should have the patient complete an Authorization For Release of Protected Health Information form naming them as the authorized recipient of the patient's confidential medical records, and submit to LAFD along with required supporting documentation to the EMS Records Unit via e-mail to LAFD.EMSRecords@lacity.org, or via regular mail to LAFD at the address listed on the form.   All requested information must be provided along with any required documentation, such as copies of driver licenses, birth certificates, death certificates, etc.  Questions may be directed to EMS Records at LAFD.EMSRecords@lacity.org or at (213) 978-3648.

2. What if a patient was in an accident and is awaiting settlement of their lawsuit or other legal action? 

City policy establishes full cost recovery associated with providing ambulance transportation to patients. The City does not accept liens or otherwise delay recovery efforts pending the outcome of any lawsuit, appeal, or other adjudication process involving the patient and third-parties.

3. What if a patient was transported via ambulance and has questions about what happened to their car, bike, motorcycle, or other personal property?

In certain circumstances, the LAFD or other first responder (i.e., LAPD), may take a patient’s property into custody.  These agencies will normally attempt to contact the patient to inform them of the status of their property.  Patients who believe their vehicle or other property was recovered by first responders should contact EMS Records Unit at (213) 978-3648 or via e-mail at LAFD.EMSRecords@lacity.org for assistance.

4. How do I get records for a minor (any person under the age of 18)? 

You can submit the Authorization For Release of Protected Health Information form completed by a parent or legal guardian, along with a copy of the minor’s birth certificate with a copy of the parent’s current/valid photo ID (with signature) or proof of guardianship.

5. How do I get records for a deceased patient? 

If the patient is deceased, submit the Authorization For Release of Protected Health Information form signed by the legal next-of-kin or personal representative along with a copy of the death certificate and copy of their current/valid photo ID (with signature).  Include applicable documentation such as marriage certificate, medical Power of Attorney and/or Advance Health Care Directive in your submission.