The Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section (known as “ACTS”) was originally established in 1918 and was known as the “Arson Squad."  All Investigators are Peace Officers under 830.37 of the California Penal Code. Arson Investigators are not POST certified but attend POST certified classes and train with the LAPD.
The Arson Section is currently comprised of one Battalion Chief, one Captain II, one  Captain I, 18 uniformed investigators, 2 Joint Terrorism Task Force investigators, 1 K-9 Handler and 3 civilian members. Twelve of the Investigators are assigned to a 24 hour shift on a 3-platoon rotation. Supervisors and 6 investigators are assigned a 4-10 schedule. The Section investigates the following types of incidents:
  • Serious burns
  • Fire fatalities
  • Large dollar loss
  • High profile incidents
  • Suspects on scene or in custody
  • Eyewitness to arson
  • Fires involving church properties
  • Serious burns that may lead to death
The Los Angeles Fire Department covers approximately 469 square miles. On average there are 9,000 fires in the City per year. This annual ACTS statistic include: 
  • 1,500 - Incendiary Fires
  • 5,000 - Accidental Fires
  • 3,000 - Undetermined Fires
  • 100 - Arson Arrests
  • 20 - Fatality Fires
  • 800 - CPRA Requests
  • 5,000 - Fire Reports
  • 4,800 - Subpoenas