LAFD Leadership Academy

The Los Angeles Fire Department Leadership Academy provides a skill set that builds upon the foundation which is necessary for successful leaders. Our program utilizes case study methods anchored in multiple theoretical domains.
The Leadership Academy is an intensive graduate level course. The foundation for the Leadership program was developed at the United States Military Academy at West Point and was adapted to the leadership concerns of the fire service today.




The agencies and organizations of our instructors include: FBI, Homeland Security, USC Football, Command Staff of the LAPD, Command Staff of the LAFD, PhD’s, Active Shooter Experts, NFL Football, US Military, and Human and Sex Trafficking National Leader. This collaboration provides our students with a wide range of leadership topics and challenges facing the 21st Century Leader.




Participants will explore 27 behavioral science theories and apply them to a “Leader Problem Solving Model.” They will also be exposed to challenging classroom integration.

Course work includes extensive reading, student journals, written exams and a 20-page term paper. Team building and interpersonal dynamics are invaluable and serve as the cornerstone of the Leadership Academy. Various tenets of leadership and their associated theoretical domains bring to life the mantle that leadership carries.



Participants can obtain 12 undergraduate or 6 post graduate units through various Universities. The program will be presented over 136 hours, by meeting one week per month over a 4-month period.

WHERE: The Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center, 1700 Stadium Way, Los Angeles, CA 90012.
COST: At the present time there is no cost to attend the LAFD Leadership Academy
REGISTRATION: Outside Agency application must mail a completed application along with a letter of recommendation from your Chief or Supervisor to LAFD Leadership Academy, 1700 Stadium Way, Los Angeles, CA 90012. LAFD applicants must mail an application along with a recommendation from your immediate Supervisor.
QUESTIONS: Craig Poulson, Captain I, In-Service Training Section at (213) 893-9838 or