The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Cannabis Unit is located in the Industrial and Commercial Section of the Fire Prevention and Public Safety Bureau. In coordination with the Department of Cannabis Regulation, the Cannabis Unit provides enforcement of Fire Code ordinances as a pre-licensing condition for applicants requesting authorization to conduct retail sales, cultivation, processing, and laboratory testing of cannabis and cannabis derivatives in the City of Los Angeles. Depending upon the planned business operations, occupancies may require additional inspections and approvals obtained through both LAFD CUPA and Fire Development Services.

The Cannabis Unit can be contacted by email at
Information is available for Cannabis License applicants seeking assistance with pre-licensure inspection requirements in the following documents:

The following forms are recommended for the Licensure Pre-Inspection


The following forms are recommended for Cannabis Businesses Requiring LAFD CUPA Permits and Inspection


Reference Material


Other Resources


Information requests regarding the approval of specific appliances used in the cultivation and processing of cannabis should be directed to:
Fire Development Services Unit
201 N. Figueroa St, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 482-6900
Fax: (213) 482-6922