Strategic Plan

The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Strategic Plan 2018-2020, A SAFER CITY 2.0, is  the next generation of the first ever LAFD Strategic Plan. A SAFER CITY 2.0 focuses on five goals to guide the LAFD in the next three years: 1) Provide Exceptional Public Safety and Emergency Service, 2) Embrace a Healthy, Safe and Productive Work Environment, 3) Capitalize on Advanced Technology, 4) Enhance LAFD Sustainability & Community Resiliency, 5) Increase Opportunities for Personal Growth and Professional Development. The document can be viewed here: LAFD Strategic Plan or on the document below.
This new Strategic Plan’s alignment with Mayor Garcetti’s priority outcomes will ensure that the achievement of our goals will result in the success of the Mayor’s priorities. Through the collaboration of our members and stakeholders, we were able to successfully complete over 70% of the initial plan. With the collective efforts of our stakeholders and City family, the Department will once again succeed in achieving its vision to create a more optimal LAFD.


LAFD Strategic Plan Cover