Volunteer Photographer Program

LAFD Volunteer Photographer Program
The LAFD Volunteer Photographer Program (VPP) provides Angelenos an opportunity to interact with the LAFD in exciting ways.
The VPP provides a cadre of local photographers to assist the LAFD in photographing non-emergency Department events such as graduations, promotional ceremonies and other unique occasions. Photographers who successfully complete four events qualify for a ride along with the LAFD.
LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas says, "The Volunteer Photographer Program is a wonderful way for members of the Greater Los Angeles Community to get acquainted with the LAFD and bring their photography skills to showcase the Department."
If you have a passion for photography and a commitment to the City, the LAFD VPP may be a great opportunity. Photographers selected for this program often have their photos featured on LAFD social media, in Department manuals and more, with exposure to thousands of viewers worldwide. 
If you're interested in applying to the LAFD VPP, please send an email to LAFDRequest@lacity.org.