Emergency Operations

Chief Deputy Alfred Poirier commands the LAFD's Emergency Operations Bureau. The primary responsibility of Emergency Operations is to lead, direct, coordinate and control all emergency line functions of the LAFD. This includes the Four Geographic Emergency Operations Bureaus, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Bureau and Medical Director, Metropolitan Fire Communications (MFC) Division, Homeland Security Division, and Air Operations Section. Other responsibilities include:

  • Responding to Major Emergencies and other incidents as an Incident Commander or Agency Administrator.
  • Representing the Fire Chief at City Council, Council Committees and various governmental agency meetings as directed.
  • Representing the Fire Department as a member of the FIRESCOPE Operations Team and Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs Operations Team.
  • Assigning and overseeing the work of various projects, work groups, and Department committees.
  • Acting as a liaison between the Fire Department and management personnel of other City Departments.
  • Conducting pre-disciplinary hearings and making appropriate recommendations to the Fire Chief of corrective action.