Emergency Operations

Deputy Chief Al Poirier

Deputy Chief Alfred Poirier commands the LAFD's Emergency Operations Bureau. 

Deputy Chief Al Poirier is a 35 year veteran of the fire service. Born in Los Angeles, and raised in the City of Santa Clarita, he graduated from high school in Saugus, California. He has proudly served with the Los Angeles Fire Department since 1986.

Chief Poirier has risen through the ranks of Firefighter, Apparatus Operator, Captain I, Captain II, Battalion Chief, and Deputy Chief. In his current role as the Chief Deputy of Emergency Operations, his responsibilities include command, coordination, and oversight of all Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services line functions of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Chief Poirier has worked across the City of Los Angeles in a variety of emergency operations assignments including Downtown, Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, Silverlake, Hollywood, Van Nuys, South Los Angeles, North Hollywood, and Westchester – and he is a veteran of several dozen large scale emergency events including multiple devastating wildland fires, the 1992 Civil Disturbance and the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. He was a member of the FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Team (CATF-1) in Los Angeles for over 20 years with deployments that included the World Trade Center event in NYC on 9/11, and to the Gulf Hurricane Disaster in 2005. He has also worked in a number of investigative, administrative, and emergency management assignments throughout his career.

In early 2016, Chief Poirier was selected by Mayor Eric Garcetti to serve as the Interim General Manager of the Los Angeles Emergency Management Department. Working in this senior leadership role, he managed the City’s Emergency Operations Center and facilitated the Emergency Operations Board activities, while coordinating the emergency preparedness efforts of multiple separate Los Angeles City departments and bureaus.

Chief Poirier completed undergraduate studies in Fire Protection Administration at Cal State University Los Angeles, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Services Management from Union Institute and University, and a Master’s Degree is Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

His greatest joy is his family. He has been married for nearly 30 years, and has four children. In his spare time he enjoys several sports that involve throwing or kicking a ball, he plays golf, and he is an avid mountain bike rider.

The primary responsibility of Emergency Operations is to lead, direct, coordinate and control all emergency line functions of the LAFD. This includes the Four Geographic Emergency Operations Bureaus, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Bureau and Medical Director, Metropolitan Fire Communications (MFC) Division, Homeland Security Division, and Air Operations Section. Other responsibilities include:

  • Responding to Major Emergencies and other incidents as an Incident Commander or Agency Administrator.
  • Representing the Fire Chief at City Council, Council Committees and various governmental agency meetings as directed.
  • Representing the Fire Department as a member of the FIRESCOPE Operations Team and Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs Operations Team.
  • Assigning and overseeing the work of various projects, work groups, and Department committees.
  • Acting as a liaison between the Fire Department and management personnel of other City Departments.
  • Conducting pre-disciplinary hearings and making appropriate recommendations to the Fire Chief of corrective action.