Animal Rescue 03/16/2023 INC#1274

Animal Rescue; INC#1274; 05:07PM; Wonder View Trail;; #HollywoodHills; PRELIM: LAFD ground and air response with Park Rangers to assist an uninjured adult female hiker who states her dog, a 45 pound (unstated gender) Husky, is stranded after it descended (fell or slid?) an unknown distance down a remote hillside in thick vegetation adjacent to the Wonder View Trail near Cahuenga Peak. The animal is able to walk and does not appear injured. Operations planning continues. (Plan A = Ground based hike and/or rope rescue. Plan B = helicopter hoist rescue).; FS 76; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 4; BC5 E227 E76 E82 H0C RA76 RA827 RH114 T27 UR27 + Park Rangers; CH7; 13; Brian Humphrey