Auto Rollover 03/28/2024 INC#1108

Auto Rollover; INC#1108; 03:40PM; 3524 W 39th St;; #BaldwinHills/#Crenshaw; LAFD is on scene of a multi-vehicle collision, with rollover, that included an MTA bus with passengers. LAFD is assessing at least 8 patients on scene, and preparing transport for those who would like further care at the hospital. LAPD Inc #3063.; FS 94; Batt 18; South Bureau; Council District 8; BC18 E226 E26 E34 EM11 EM5 EM9 RA26 RA266 RA46 RA806 RA809 RA811 RA862 RA866 T26; CH7; 12; Nicholas Prange