Cliff Rescue 08/12/2019 INC#0149

Cliff Rescue; INC#0149; 3:09AM; 4102 S Pacific Av;; San Pedro; Solo SUV struck a curb, breached a guard rail and penetrated a fence, before tumbling down ~30 foot cliff, on to a rocky beach below; Prior to LAFD arrival, the 33 y/o male driver (sole occupant) with minor injuries self extricated but was unsuccessful in his attempts to ascend the cliff; As LAFD arrived by land and sea, the man was found swimming in the Pacific Ocean; An LAFD rescue diver assisted him aboard a fireboat, providing medical care for the man's non-life threatening injuries; The fireboat shuttled the man to a dock in the Fort MacArthur area, where an LAFD Paramedic ambulance awaited to take him to a nearby trauma center in fair condition; LAFD ground crews subsequently searched the SUV, cliff and beach to assure there were no other victims; Media Inquiries: LAPD South Traffic Incident #567; FS 48; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; Dispatched LAFD Units: BC6 BT1 BT3 BT5 E101 E112 E248 E285 E48 E85 EM13 H1 H2 HA1 HA2 RA101 RA85 RA90 T48 T85 UR85 UR88; Radio Channels: 7; 12; - Brian Humphrey