CONTROLLED Major Emergency Brush Fire #LandFire 09/21/2022 INC#0837

CONTROLLED Major Emergency Brush Fire #LandFire; INC#0837; 05:10PM; 10018 N Sunland Wy;; #ShadowHills; All forward progress has been stopped, but there are still active hot spots near the perimeter that firefighters are working to fully extinguish, while also improving containment lines. Hose lines are 75% around the fire and hand-cut lines around 100% (but need improvement). Official containment stands at 40%. The terrain is steep and is a 3/4-mile hike to get to the fires edge. This will be an extended operation to achieve full containment and mop up. This fire burned in the footprint of the #LaTunaFire from 2017 (which burned 7,194 acres). We want to thank the 4 assisting agencies in responding quickly with us to hit this fire hard and fast, keeping it away from homes and large animals, which are common in this area. No reported injuries. Cause under investigation.; FS 24; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; AO1 AO2 AR7 BC12 BC14 BC15 BC17 BP109 BP74 BP78 CM40 CM42 DZ12 E1 E10 E11 E2 E24 E274 E289 E290 E39 E42 E60 E76 E77 E8136 E8138 E8139 E8140 E82C E90 E91 EA1 EA2 EM14 H0B H1 H2 H3 HA1 HA2 HA3 HE1 HL3 HL4 HT3 PB98 PI1 RA102 RA7 RA77 RA90 RA98 RI600 T74 T89 T90 WT77 WT88; CH8; 17; Nicholas Prange