Debris Flow, Small 03/26/2023 INC#1404

Debris Flow, Small; INC#1404; 07:50PM; 949 N Las Lomas Av;; #PacificPalisades; Approximately 100' x 200' area of hillside sloughed off and made contact with one home on the downhill side, where one family of 8 will be displaced (4 adults and 4 children will stay with loved ones, no need for Red Cross response). One elderly male evacuated from the home above the impacted hillside was evacuated as a precaution. A "Slough Off" is soil sliding, but only a loosing of the uppermost layers. There are no injuries or medical complaints. Firefighters secured all utilities, requested Department of Building and Safety respond to assess the integrity of the structure, and are denying entry to the area for public safety. A grading inspector and geologist will be responding in the morning to assess the situation in daylight.; FS 69; Batt 9; West Bureau; Council District 11; BC9 E269 E69 T69 UR88; CH7; 13; Nicholas Prange