Earthquake Mode 10/24/2021 INC#0367

Earthquake Mode ; INC#0367; 07:04AM; 450 E Temple; Downtown; The USGS preliminary report is a 3.9M earthquake struck the area of Maywood CA (near Vernon) at 7:01AM. The LAFD is now in earthquake mode. All 106 neighborhood fire stations will conduct a strategic survey of their districts, examining all major areas of concern (eg transportation infrastructures, large places of assemblages, apartment buildings, power-lines, etc). This survey will be conducted from the ground, air and water. Once this process is complete and reports are consolidated, assuming there is no significant damage, Earthquake mode will be complete. This process typically takes less than one hour. There are currently no initial reports of structural damage or injuries. An update will be provided once earthquake mode is complete. ; FS 4; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; Margaret Stewart