Explosion 04/27/2021 INC#0076

Explosion; INC#0076; 01:35AM; 6198 W Franklin Av; https://bit.ly/2S9eL8v; Hollywood; An explosion, believed to be caused by an electrical vault, injured four patients. LAFD transported two of those patients (one serious and one moderate), while the other two declined transport to area hospitals. Residents in the area may be without power. Fire investigators are on scene, per protocol. LAPD Inc # 318. Nothing further.; FS 82; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 13; AR1 BC5 E227 E229 E235 E27 E41 E82 EM11 RA27 RA41 RA82 RA827 SQ21 T27 T29 T35; CH7; 13; Nicholas Prange