Fire - Now Out 11/01/2022 INC#1354

Fire - Now Out; INC#1354; 06:16PM; 536 S Clarence St;; #BoyleHeights; Firefighters arrived to find several palm trees and rubbish on fire next to a large one-story commercial building, and spreading into the nearby brush. Firefighters quickly divided the tasks between companies, and went to work to contain the fires (tree, rubbish, brush) and protect the structure. It took 30 firefighters 38 minutes (6:54pm) to extinguish the flames, keeping the brush fire relatively small, and protecting all but the top layer of roofing on the commercial building. No reported injuries. Cause under investigation.; FS 2; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; BC1 E17 E209 E25 E4 E9 T9; CH7; 14; Nicholas Prange