Hazardous Materials 05/05/2024 INC#0673

Hazardous Materials; INC#0673; 10:38AM; 8700 N Lindley Av; https://bit.ly/4b46s1o; #Northridge; Firefighters arrived to find two deceased persons inside of a human-dug cave/excavation. A white powder substance was observed inside. LAFD now have both Hazardous Materials teams and Urban Search and Rescue specialists on scene to assist with the body recovery. LAPD Inc #1406.; FS 103; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; BC15 CM40 CM42 E28 E287 E288 E88 E95 RA70 RA87 RA90 SQ87 SQ95 T87 T88 UR88; CH8; 17 18; Nicholas Prange