Hiker Rescue | 03/31/2024 INC#1324

Hiker Rescue |; INC#1324; 08:08PM; Santa Monica Mountains; https://bit.ly/4avXp8C; #PacificPalisades; PRELIM: LAFD ground and air response to an adult male hiker stranded in darkness on a rain-soaked remote section of Temescal Ridge Trail south of Skull Rock in Topanga State Park. A hovering LAFD Rescue Helicopter has found the man, and lowered a Flight Paramedic to perform an initial medical assessment. The hiker states he is uninjured. He and the LAFD Flight Paramedic will soon be hoisted aboard the hovering helicopter, to shuttle the man to a safe location beyond the wilderness.; FS 69; Batt 9; West Bureau; Council District 11; BC9 E263 E269 E69 H4 H5 HA4 HA5 RA23 RA69 RH114 T63 T69; CH7; 12; Brian Humphrey