Hiker Rescue 05/24/2023 INC#0743

Hiker Rescue; INC#0743; 12:13PM; 99 Silver Spur Ln; https://bit.ly/3IDGxBx; #BellCanyon; One patient (34-year-old male) was stranded in a remote area of Bell Canyon, reported to be "stuck in a cave" and unable to return to their vehicle on their own. LAFD Air Ops lowered one rescuer down to the location to enter the cave and make contact with the hiker. Due to their original location, a hoist rescue was initially not possible, however, the rescuer led the patient to higher ground out of the cave and LAFD Air Ops was able to hoist the patient from the remote location and returned them to their vehicle.; FS 104; Batt 17; Valley Bureau; Council District outside city; AO1 AO2 BC17 E105 E305 H3 H5 HA3 HA5 RA106 RH114 T105; CH8; 17; Nicholas Prange