KNOCKDOWN 10/25/2017

KNOCKDOWN ; 1:32PM; #HansenFire #LakeViewTerrace; 96 LAFD personnel responding by ground and air, with assistance of LACoFD, confined flames to 3 acres of medium to heavy density brush in 1 hr, 41 min; No injury; No structure threat or damage; No evacuation orders were issued; A nearby (dormant at the time of the fire) television production set was more than 200 yards from the nearest flame, and a children's museum much further, neither was never threatened by the fire; The cause of the blaze remains under active investigation; Dispatched LAFD Units: E98 RA98 E77 E3 E24 E7 E275 T75 E289 T89 E274 T74 E90 CM42 CM22 EM12 BC14 BC10 BC15 H2 H3 T90 E290 H6 WT77 AO2 E489 HE1 DZ11 DT2 DT1 TP2 TP1 DZ12 HU114 E8140 T90 E290 AR11 AR2 E60 E473 E475 E481 E81 E89 BP78 BP83 BP84 SU1 + LACoFD; - Brian Humphrey