KNOCKDOWN Brush Fire 10/25/2017

KNOCKDOWN Brush Fire; 08:23PM; 1880 Academy Rd; internal:/; #ElysianPark; LAFD air and ground crews extinguished flames in just 47 minutes, confining the fire to 2 acres of grass west of the LAPD Academy running track; No injury; No structures threatened or damaged; No evacuation; Dodger Stadium, the World Series Game and those attending were never endangered; We are working with Dodger Stadium staff and allied agencies to greatly minimize any impact on those departing the game, which is now in the 10th inning; Dispatched LAFD Units: E39 E250 T50 E450 E56 E203 T3 E11 E401 RA1 E90 EM1 BC1 BC11 H2 H3 T90 E290 H6 E420 CM22 E4 E201 T1 E6 E44 RA56; - Brian Humphrey