KNOCKDOWN Greater Alarm Structure Fire 09/09/2023 INC#0179

KNOCKDOWN Greater Alarm Structure Fire; INC#0179; 04:13AM; 2311 W Fargo St;; #SilverLake; Firefighters encountered heavy fire and excessive storage conditions inside the two-story hillside home. As the incident progressed, crews observed structural weakening and were forced to retreat into defensive mode. Once outside, the structure sustained a partial roof collapse. It took 90 firefighters 35 minutes to access, confine, and extinguish the flames. No reported injuries. Cause under investigation.; FS 56; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 13; BC1 BC11 BC2 BC5 CM20 CM22 E20 E203 E211 E220 E227 E235 E250 E27 E35 E55 E56 E6 EM1 EM11 HR3 RA20 RA3 RA56 RA6 RA803 SO1 T11 T20 T27 T3 T35 T50 UR3 UR88; CH9; 12 13 14; Nicholas Prange