Knockdown - Major Emergency Structure Fire 09/17/2022 INC#0289

Knockdown - Major Emergency Structure Fire; INC#0289; 06:57AM; 9000 W Venice Bl;; #Palms; 124 LAFD Firefighters took just 73 minutes to access, confine and fully extinguish fire that directly involved three businesses in a 50' x 400' one-story row of a dozen commercial occupancies. Heavy smoke impacted at least a half-dozen adjacent businesses, including a feline overnight boarding facility where several cats were rescued, but others sadly perished. Though there were no civilian injuries, one firefighter took ill during the intense firefight, and has been taken to an area hospital in fair condition for observation. The cause of the fire is under active investigation. LAFD Public Information Officer, Firefighter David Ortiz is en route, ETA 8:00 AM.; FS 43; Batt 18; South Bureau; Council District 5; AR11 BC11 BC13 BC18 BC4 BC5 BC9 CM20 CM22 E205 E210 E211 E229 E261 E263 E27 E292 E294 E295 E34 E37 E43 E59 E61 E62 E94 EA1 EM11 EM9 HR3 RA43 RA5 RA92 RA94 T10 T11 T29 T5 T61 T63 T92 T94 T95 UR5 UR88; CH9; 13 14; Brian Humphrey