Knockdown #PenroseFire Major Emergency Fire 11/19/2022 INC#1522

Knockdown #PenroseFire Major Emergency Fire; INC#1522; 10:12PM; 11200 W Penrose St;; #SunValley; *Addresses Remain Tentative* 165 LAFD Firefighters responding by ground and air, assisted by units from neighboring Burbank and Glendale FD's, took just two-and-one-half-hours of well-coordinated defensive operations against wind-driven fire, to extinguish nearly two acres of flaming vegetation, and a pair of large (total 50' x 425') adjoining metal-clad one story businesses (an automotive repair and salvage facility, and a neighboring cabinet firm) abutting the northbound Golden State (I-5) Freeway, each of which was heavily damaged. No injuries were reported. All freeway lanes are now open. LAFD personnel will remain on scene through the night to extinguish smoldering debris and assist the active fire cause investigation.; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; AO1 AR1 BC10 BC11 BC12 BC14 BC15 BC5 BP19 BP74 CM40 CM42 E13 E16 E18 E20 E21 E221 E239 E24 E25 E260 E274 E287 E289 E29 E290 E295 E298 E3 E33 E39 E61 E63 E66 E7 E77 E86 E88 E89 E90 E94 E98 EA1 EM14 H1 H5 H6 HA1 HA5 HA6 HE2 PI3 RA77 RS3 SQ87 T21 T39 T60 T74 T87 T89 T90 T95 T98 WT77 _ Burbank FD + Glendale FD; CH8; 13 14 17; - Brian Humphrey