KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 05/07/2017

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 01:22PM; 3519 S Centinela Av; internal:/; #CentinelaFire; 119 LAFD FF's took just 95 min to fully extinguish stubborn flames at this "Major Emergency" fire in a 9,200 square-foot 69 year-old block-long row of 7 businesses that shared a common attic; No injury; Loss/Cause/Origin TBD; MEDIA: PIO David Ortiz is on scene; NFD; Dispatched Units: E62 E59 E263 T63 RA63 RA19 E294 T94 BC4 E63 E43 E2 E67 E295 T95 E269 T69 E226 T26 CM42 EM9 BC9 E5 T3 E203 UR3 HR3 UR88 BC1 E3 T37 E237 E26 T21 E221 SQ21 RA59 BC10 RA62 EA1 AR2 CM52; - Brian Humphrey